Buying, sourcing and supply chain management

Are you are at pre-launch stage? Following our strategy workshop a brand strategy and CP is created to ensure launch to market is focused and successful. 

Already launched? A review of current suppliers and P&L will highlight opportunities to improve structure and margins going forward. 

Spanning design, product development, pricing architecture and range planning advice is given or even created together to build collections and develop supply chains which are ethical and sustainable.

Support is timed around your needs depending on where your brand is within it's launch to market strategy.  


Understanding your market

Every product needs to solve a problem. What problem will you solve...?

Who is your customer?

How do they shop?

How do they digitally engage?

These are the most important questions in retail today and ones which can make or break a retailer.

Defining your customer and creating a balanced and commercial offer to predict their needs and requirements is no easy task. Gone are the days when it was purely a case of "gut feeling". Whilst still relevant, retail these days is about knowing your customer inside out and engaging with them to make them part of the dialogue.


With an excellent track record of identifying creative industry growth and fashion sector knowledge WHA tailors and delivers information to fully  understand the market and your consumer base.


WHA takes this journey with you and the customer. 


Brand growth strategy

As the retail world continues to change at breakneck speed, often on a daily basis, awareness of the industry is paramount. 

WHA knows the industry inside out; historic and current idiosyncrasy understanding as an insider makes us well placed to help create growth strategies at each stage of your business.

Have you recently launched and need advice and support on how to grow your business online or within bricks and mortar?

Or have you been trading for some time and looking to grow internationally?

With years of experience, working within fashion companies, from fast fashion to high street retailers and luxury brand's, WHA will guide your planning to ensure strategic and sustainable business growth. Whether that is within the retail, wholesale or license divisions WHA has the experience to advise on both UK and Global growth.