Choosing to work with Emma was a no brainer, we had worked together in a different capacity before and as Emma has since gained a wide spectrum of knowledge from her experiences with designer brands WHA Fashion Consultancy was the obvious choice. 

I'm a designer, I want to make pretty things, I don't want to deal with the paper trail. Emma has proven our partnership successful by taking over the background set up advising of essential styles or trends coming through to ensure my portfolio of styles is constantly increasing and improving, buying & costing parameters are discussed to identify the brand and its level of growth, setting necessary targets to ensure goals are achieved,  researched brands and potential suppliers/stockists who will benefit through collaboration, liaised on behalf of my company with vendors and stockists, given advice on self marketing techniques and most importantly does so with grace and professionalism as she quickly understood me and the brand I'm trying to create. 

I'll continue to work with Emma as long as both our opportunities will allow. 

Thanks Emma, you have been amazing!

Jamie Richards 

Founder and Creative Director

Margaret Wray

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